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Re: [smime] [pkix] Identified Work Items and Discussion Summary (was: possible new pkix and/or smime work)

2016-04-04 14:22:19


On 31/03/16 20:08, Stephen Farrell wrote:

And separately, I'd like to try get interested folks who'll be
at IETF95 together for a chat if we can.

If you're interested in this and at IETF95, I've booked a room
(Paraiso, 5th floor) for Thursday 1945 to chat about whether or
not we seem to have enough work and interest to charter a WG
for some of these. I think we should aim to be quick about that
so I've just booked 30 minutes. Chat can of course continue
after that at bits'n'bytes or elsewhere.

Please send me an offlist reply to this if you'd like to take
part, just for room-size.


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