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Re: SMTP server resides on non standard port. How can I send mail to it?

1998-11-11 17:11:35
At 1:56 AM +0300 11/12/98, Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Anybody supports the following trick to send mail to SMTP on different


I'm not sure what specifically you are asking for. Do you mean you want to attach a port number to an email address, so that when the message gets through whichever SMTP servers are needed beforehand, and is ready to be sent to the final one (the one for the end user), you want to instruct the prior SMTP server to use a different port? That is:

You send message to your local SMTP server, it relays to server X, ... it sends to final recipient's server, using non-standard port?

Or do you simply want to instruct your client to use a different port when submitting messages?