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Re: compressed content-transfer-encoding?

1999-07-28 13:08:29
aarrgh.  SMTP is already complex enough.  the last thing I want to see
is more complex MTAs adding more failure cases.

I was thinking in terms of an ESMTP extension.   In any event, by your
admission, doing it as a MIME type would break a lot of software at the
points.  At least this way it is only attempted between mutually
MTA's and is transparent to the end users.

an MTA that transparently corrupts your mail isn't necessarily a good

Yes, of course.   I was not advocating the populating of the world with
broken software.  :-)   :-)

I've not had a chance to review the RFC that Ned made reference to (TLS STMP
Extension), but on the surface it sounds like the capabilities that I was
suggesting anyway.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Tim Kehres
International Messaging Associates