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Re: Internet Draft for flexible proxying of the mail protocols

2000-09-28 14:22:39
On Thu, 28 Sep 2000 14:04 -0700, Lee Thompson wrote:

For POP, the protocol is arguably dying in favor of IMAP4.

Here's your argument :)

I wouldn't say POP3 is dying.   At least not from where I sit.    Most ISPs
appear to not want to be message stores for people either.  (Large
corporations and Universities, I'm sure, love IMAP.)

My Two Cents anyway

Considering that:

 o IMAP has a proposed standard to do this already (RFC2193)
 o SMTP should probably utilize AUTH to help redirect someone to a
   correct server

it seems the proposal is only really applicable to POP3, then, yes?

If so, how about rewriting it so it only extends POP3.

It would seem most useful, however, to use ACAP and connect to a default
server, say,, and ask it for the SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP,
IPP, etc. servers that are appropriate for the user.  Confining the
solution to only email solves only about 3/4 of the configuration that
typically has to be done of applications to find servers.