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Re: vacation replies to From: or envelope from

2001-04-03 10:35:31
Yes across the board but it doesn't change what I think about vacation
notices, which is the real issue.

For me, there is a value judgement associated with a vacation notice
(and my other suggestions) that is not present with MDNs as currently
defined.  The current definition is careful not to make value judgements
about messages, in particular, did the user think this message was
important.  It strictly addresses issues at the extreme edge of
delivery, which arguably are user agent/user issues.

A vacation notice is an indication that the message is important,
insofar as current usage is to tell you when I am going to get to the
message or if you think your message is important and can not wait
here's someone else to contact.  This is perhaps an extension of
"processed" but is certainly different than processed as defined.

The same is true of rejected and forwarded as I have suggested them.
Rejected is not deleted because with rejected I'm making a value
judgement and I want you to know it; I do not want your message.
Otherwise you're likely to find another way to reach me.

Similarly with forwarded.  It's more than just dispatched.  It's telling
you I want you to use the new address.

All of these are very definitely user actions and cover circumstances
beyond whether or not a message reached the message store.

Sieve is probably the answer; oh heck, it's the best answer I've seen
excepting some additional MDNs.