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Re: SMTP Service Extension for Priority

2001-06-25 11:14:19
On Sun, 24 Jun 2001 13:59:27 EDT, Dave Crocker said:
This proposal appears to be directly competitive with Deliver-By (and, by 
derivation, the Timely Confirmation proposal.)

It's not *directly* competitive.

I may use Delivery-By: if it's time-critical ("Hey George, lunch at Blue River
Cafe at 12:30?") and can be discarded if the time constraint isn't met. In
this case, I don't care about order, I just care if *THIS* mail gets there
by a specific time or not.

Priority sorting is a different issue.  For instance, I run one of the larger
Listserv sites in the world, and the ability to specify *relative* priorities
would be useful in cases of congestion (for instance, tagging "local" or
"paid" or "postmaster/admin" addresses for handle-this-first).  In this case,
I don't care about the exact time an item is handled, I merely wish to make
sure that certain classes of recipient are at least attempted first (of
course, if my "paid" subscriber's host is down, it should go on and try
something else).
                                Valdis Kletnieks
                                Operating Systems Analyst
                                Virginia Tech

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