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Re: SMTP Service Extension for Priority

2001-06-26 07:15:37
On Mon, 25 Jun 2001 20:53:07 BST, Graham Klyne said:
As it happens, I think the priority proposal would have a significant use 
in connection with the timely delivery proposal, namely to expedite 
delivery of a status response.

Hmm.  If I send a "Lunch?" email, it needs to get there by 12:30PM or
some similar time.  I haven't convinced myself whether the DSN/MDN with the
status response should go back with a high-priority or a delivery-by.
A case can be made for either one - high-priority is suitable in some
cases, when we need a timely notification that it was/wasn't delivered
so (perhaps) alternate plans or a backup scheme can be used (if the mail
wasn't delivered to his pager by 11:45AM, we need to call his office now).

In other cases, if the status response is itself delayed past time X,
it too is useless and can be dropped (presumably because some out-of-band
event will convey the information - if Bill doesn't *reply* about lunch
before 12:30, we'll know not to expect him, so a status response can be
dropped on the floor too).

And of course, in some cases a low/normal priority on the status reply
is acceptable.....

/Valdis (who should take time out today to actually read the draft ;)

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