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Re:Re: Max. no of allowed "rcpt to" commands in a smtp session?

2001-07-07 10:41:04

I don't wanna let any spammer to send
hundereds of mails in a single smtp session.

Actually, you may want them to do this since it is possible to
detect such
traffic and act on it in various ways. But if you block it outright

 detecting the spammer does not make any sense. 'cause first of all I
would be received that bunch of junk mails. secondly this can be a
dial-up/ASDL/leased-line or cable user (as generally it is) that
sending spam and of course blocking that IP does not stop them.

Spammers always use weakness of smtp protocol. For example yahoo can
accept any mail form any client. They do not check if the sender is an
SMTP server and it's MX record to be ensure that sender's domain and
IP belongs to right smtp server that has a MX record.


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