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Re:Re: Max. no of allowed "rcpt to" commands in a smtp session?

2001-07-08 04:45:56

Spammers always use weakness of smtp protocol. For example yahoo
accept any mail form any client. They do not check if the sender
is an
SMTP server and it's MX record to be ensure that sender's domain
IP belongs to right smtp server that has a MX record.

since there's no protocol requirement that an SMTP be both a client
a server on the same IP address, such a check would be tremendously
stupid and misguided.

That's what I'm saying. That MUST be a requirement for smtp protocol.
It's a MUST. This kind'o approch will reduce spam. 
Generally spammers use their client PCs to send a lot of junk mail to 
specific destionation through that destionation's smtp server.What can
you do about it ? simply nothing :-(
There must be a law that defines spam as illegal action in your 
country. But if you consider that many countries aware of this action.
Than here is the point why someone does not change smtp protocol to
reduce this kind'o problems. Why do we mail administrators left alone
to find  out our own solutions ? 


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