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Re: Max. no of allowed "rcpt to" commands in a smtp session?

2001-07-08 07:01:38

White Snake <Snake"<white_snake(_at_)mynet(_dot_)com> writes:

That's what I'm saying. That MUST be a requirement for smtp protocol.
It's a MUST. This kind'o approch will reduce spam.

Reducing spam isn't a MUST for the SMTP protocol, let alone any specific
way to attempt to do that.  Remember, the SMTP protocol is used in more
places than just the open Internet, and in many places where spam isn't an
issue.  On top of that, different people place different priorities on
reducing spam.

Generally spammers use their client PCs to send a lot of junk mail to 
specific destionation through that destionation's smtp server.What can
you do about it ? simply nothing :-(

There's quite a bit that one can do about it.  For the particular problem
that you name, if you don't want to accept mail from systems that are not
regular mail servers, you may want to investigate using one of the mail
blocking lists designed for that purpose.  In this particular case, the
MAPS DUL sounds appropriate.  See <>.

One significant advantage of solutions like that is that different sites
can pick their own solutions as fit their user base, spam tolerance, and
willingness to reject possibly valid e-mail.  Some sites will want to only
accept mail from a very restricted subset of the Internet and some sites
will want to accept mail from anywhere.

There must be a law that defines spam as illegal action in your 

I'm afraid that discussion of laws against abuses of Internet protocols is
a bit far afield for this mailing list, as it's not really a mailing list
about politics.  In order to get laws passed, you would need to get
involved in the political process, and it's unlikely that anyone here will
be able to help much with that.

Russ Allbery (rra(_at_)stanford(_dot_)edu)