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Re: who makes the firewall that puts asterisks in the initial greeting?

2001-08-10 16:24:06

there's a popular SMTP firewall that puts asterisks in the initial
(220) SMTP greeeting.  I'd like to know who makes it.

because the developers should be lined up and shot.

Why? What's wrong with asterisks in the greeting? (it's not us, by the way,
I'm just interested in why that's a problem)

Asterisks are legal.  I'm sure there is something else the firewall is
doing wrong that caught Keith's attention, and the only identifying element
is the asterisks.

actually, a greeting line consisting entirely of asterisks isn't legal -
the greeting line is supposed to contain the hostname of the SMTP server.
but that's not what I was complaining about.

basically I've noticed that such firewalls, for some reason, tend to 
confuse SMTP servers to the extent that they don't always respond to 
commands in a timely fashion.