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Re: who makes the firewall that puts asterisks in the initial greeting?

2001-08-10 19:38:00

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001 22:31:36 BST, Paul Smith said:
At 12:40 10/08/2001 -0400, Keith Moore wrote:
there's a popular SMTP firewall that puts asterisks in the initial
(220) SMTP greeeting.  I'd like to know who makes it.

because the developers should be lined up and shot.
Why? What's wrong with asterisks in the greeting? (it's not us, by the way, 
I'm just interested in why that's a problem)

The asterisks aren't a problem.  The asterisks however are the banner for
a totally borked SMTP server.  I've caught these critters doing the MOST
astounding things.  For starters, I think they *STILL* are unable to
advertise ESMTP.  That's OK, because even if they don't advertise ESMTP,
and as a result you don't send an EHLO, and don't send an 8bitmime
encoding, it will STILL bounce the mail for having an illegal 8bitmime
attachment sometimes.  For all the heat that Exchange has taken
recently on the IETF list, it's a paragon of goodness and careful
design compared to this creeping-horror monstrosity.

I was once debugging a mail problem with a co-worker, and we poked
the problem hosts's port 25, saw all the asterisks, and basically
gave up.  My co-worker had some descriptive phrases for the product
that involved anatomicaly unlikely interactions with a beast of burden.
I didn't see any need to correct his assessment....

Yes, it's that bad, and yes, Keith is justified. ;)