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Re: Comments (II) on draft-church-dns-mail-sender-02.txt

2002-08-27 03:15:26

1. it is not so clear; on how to implement a mailing list exploder; which
  is neither (cmiiw) "3.3. Relays on the receiving end" nor
  "3.4. Relays on the sending end".

     Current mailing list software (at least as far as I'm aware) resends
the message from the user and domain the software runs as/in; this would
work without changes with MS.

2. same as #1, for the standard ".forward" procedure.

     As #1, though in this case the original envelope sender would be lost.
If this is considered a problem, a 551 reply to the RCPT command can be

3. same as #1, for the "bounce" option of a mail reader (example pine or 

     As #1.

How about to verify the integrity of the email (checksum) to a server that 
is pointed by the "MS" RR. I.e. not only to make sure that the headers 
haven't been modified by anyone in the middle; but also as a confirmation 
from the original sender (through MS RR).

     As I said before in private mail, my goal is not to avoid modification
of the headers en route (though I agree that's not a bad idea), but to
ensure that the original sender doesn't give a false sender address.

  --Andrew Church