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Re: port number for smtp over ssl

2003-01-16 12:19:56

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 10:41:00AM -0800, Jeff Stephenson wrote:
The SMTP submission port faces the same problem - the moment
spammers start using it, the providers will block it.

Except it's unlikely spammers are going to use it.  Typically when an
organization is smart enough to setup port 587 (submission), they are
clueful enough to do so without creating a spam relay vulnerability.

Remember, the port 25 relay vulnerability persists due to either:
1) crappy old software the admin is too lazy to upgrade, 2) terminal
cluelessness, or 3) your name is John Gilmore. :-)

How we fix this is a really good question...

I believe you are projecting a problem that does not nor will not

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"Why look back in anguish when we can look forward to the future
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