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Re: BDAT, RFC 3030 protocol clarification?

2003-06-16 09:57:11

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 11:31:24AM -0500, Vaudreuil, Greg M (Greg) wrote:
Do I hear an emerging consensus to clarify in the harmony with the
pipelining standard?  I see three points to clarify:

  1) Servers must accept the state-change into receiving BDAT
      command and associated message data even with no valid RCPT TO
      recipients or problems with the MAIL FROM command.
  2) Servers must send a 4XX or 5XX in response to a BDAT if it
      can't accept for any reason, incluing having no valid recipients.
  3) Servers MAY choose to terminate the TCP connection rather than
      drink (then expell) a big gulp from a pipelining client.  Clients
      must interpret the returned status codes and do the right thing
      (not send that message again, or delay).

Anyway, perhaps:
    3b) Servers must very carefully flush out all responses before
        closing the connection in case they decide to terminate the
        incoming TCP connection.

(my experience is that if (obvious to us) minute things like these
are not specified, some people will not do them correctly...)

Greg V.
/Matti Aarnio   <mea(_at_)nic(_dot_)funet(_dot_)fi>