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RE: BDAT, RFC 3030 protocol clarification?

2003-06-16 10:19:20

Do I hear an emerging consensus to clarify in the harmony with the pipelining 
standard?  I see three points to clarify:

      1) Servers must accept the state-change into receiving BDAT command and
      associated message data even with no valid RCPT TO recipients or
      problems with the MAIL FROM command.


      2) Servers must send a 4XX or 5XX in response to a BDAT if it can't
      accept for any reason, incluing having no valid recipients.


      3) Servers MAY choose to terminate the TCP connection rather than drink
      (then expell) a big gulp from a pipelining client.


       Clients must interpret the returned status codes and do the right
         thing (not send that message again, or delay).

This presupposes the client got a status code to interpret. It is possible
that the client will get an transmit error and never see the status. In this
case the client has to assume a temporary failure; assuming a permanent failure
in the event of a disconnect without a status would be bad.