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Re: [idn] Re: FYI: BOF on Internationalized Email Addresses (IEA)

2003-10-28 13:07:39
On Mon, 27 Oct 2003 17:39:32 PST, Mark Davis said:

email addresses. Mr. Tanaka can have one with Latin letters and one with
Japanese (e.g. 
ã? ã?«ã?¯(_at_)ã?«ã?¯(_dot_)ã?¯ã?·ã?³ã?°ã??ã?³(_dot_)ã?¨ã??ã?¥).

This gets interesting in the context of a "reply all".

Apologies for breaking the UTF-8 in the quote, but it's illustrative - if the
breakage had been in the To/Cc lines, things would have broken even worse
unless whatever scheme we end up using is ASCII-transparent.

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