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Re: FYI: BOF on Internationalized Email Addresses (IEA)

2003-10-28 21:18:05


putting anything other than ASCII characters in email headers is
completely unacceptable.
PR> Let me try this one more time: Please read John Klensin's draft
PR> before making these kinds of statements. Either you and Dave have 
PR> dismissed this draft without giving technical reasons for why you 
PR> have, or you simply haven't read the draft. Please let's all get on 
PR> the same page before arguing.

Sorry.  Thought I was being pretty clear, but now that you mention it, I
didn't connect all the dots -- perhaps my latest note did, but just to be

Yes, I've dismissed John's proposal, in terms of any near-term benefit.

I see the issue as exactly the same as we had for MIME/ESMTP, with one
approach being solely adopted in the user agent software that adopts the
enhancement, and the other approach requiring infrastructure modification.

I see one as continuing the model started by IDNA, and the other as
essentially tossing it out and starting over.

Given that we have gone through this paradigm debate several times over the
last decade, I am hard-pressed to understand why anyone would think that it
will be productive to do it again.

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