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2003-12-23 09:55:44

It looks to me like there is a space (SP) missing in the ABNF for ehlo-ok-rsp. Here from RFC 2821:

      ehlo-ok-rsp  =    ( "250"    domain [ SP ehlo-greet ] CRLF )
                   / (    "250-"   domain [ SP ehlo-greet ] CRLF
                       *( "250-"   ehlo-line                CRLF )
                          "250"    SP ehlo-line             CRLF  )

For a single-line response I suppose there should be a space between the 250 and the domain. But this seems to say that a single-line response would look like this: welcome

Is this list the place where I should raise such issues?

Rich Hammer
Hillsborough, N.C.

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