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Re: RFC2821, section and HELO/EHLO

2004-01-02 17:39:05
On Fri, 02 Jan 2004 18:55:54 EST, Hector Santos 
<winserver(_dot_)support(_at_)winserver(_dot_)com>  said:

Since it is only meant to help in the logging/tracking on the helo/ehlo
domain literal and for maximum backward compatibility,  do not have the
[string] element in the domain ABNF, and If possible, to be clear and
specific, add a new  "machine-domain" ABNF:

      helo            = "HELO" SP Domain CRLF
      ehlo            = "EHLO" SP Machine-Domain CRLF

      Machine-Domain = domain [ string ]

This way, there would be no confusion with other ABNF specifications
requiring the domain element.

D'Oh! -- H. Simpson.

Yes, you are totally right that this sort of change is preferred.  As written,
machine-domain allows text after the FQDN on the EHLO, but I'm not sure
it's worth quibbling about. :)

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