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RE: Do the must 'bounce' rules need to be relaxed for virus infec ted messages?

2004-03-25 15:49:28
Hector Santos wrote:
In this era, if you (speaking in general) choose to
continue to operate in this mode, then thats your poor choice.

I don't want to get into a debate about SMTP server design.  But there are
some good reasons why our server works the way that it does.  Primarily, by
decoupling the inbound SMTP processing from the message content analysis, we
have been able to build a very powerful and scalable email firewall.  Let's
let the marketplace determine whether this is a "poor choice" rather than
making our own judgments.

Please, lets keep in mind that this talk only applies to post smtp
validation systems.

Yes.  I agree that in the context of this discussion, it is more convenient
if an SMTP server is able to reject an undesirable message during the SMTP
conversation.  But why should the SMTP protocol preclude server
implementations from performing local policy analysis after the message has
been accepted from the client?

Daryl Odnert
Tumbleweed Communications