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Re: Internet Mail Architecture draft

2004-05-31 12:59:21
On Sat, 29 May 2004 07:28:58 PDT, Dave Crocker said:

Would it be valid to have an email transmission client that bounced
messages after the first transmission failure (of any kind)?  If it is
legal but no one can possibly envision that it is a viable choice for an
implementation, then retries are probably a core aspect of the service.

It's been envisioned as being viable for at least some subset of usages,
although in the context of a ESMTP extension. RFC2852, section is
pretty clear that if you're attempting to relay a Deliver-By: mail with a very
small deliver-by delta, and that if the server at the other end advertises a
larger minimum value, you have to bounce as a permanent error, even if it's
the first attempt.  

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