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Re: pseudo LAST CALL - draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-04-01 08:37:37

 N.B. "used to report errors"

Finding the best, single term to describe the rfc2821.mailfrom address has 
been a challenge.  In the latest round of the document, I latched onto 
'bounces' because that seems to be a term preferred by the community.  I have 
been more concerned about having the term move usage away from 'sender' or the 
like than i have about precise conformance to rfc2821 vocabulary.

since my concern has been problematic, established terminology, one other 
benefit of the term 'bounces' is that there is no ambiguity at all.  no one 
can think the references is to any other place that has an address.

given the rfc2821 language, it is tempting to change the document to use the 
term "errors".  the problem, then, is that it might be confused with 

but, as I say about all the content of the email-arch document, the deciding 
factor is any indication of community preference.  

If folks have a preference, they need to voice it.

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking
  dcrocker  a t ...