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Folding White Space

2005-04-21 14:57:41

I'm working on a syntax for a DNS record to include a variety of constructs, and I want to avoid inventing new syntax. It looks like the RFC2822 header syntax is almost what I need - versatile, compact, and readable. I have one question about folding white space (FWS). Is it possible to split a line where a space is not allowed? Here is an example:

XYZ:"ip4: ip4:
  ip4: dk:o6lMIgulclWjZwP56LRqdg5ZX1
  5bhc/GsvW8xW/R5Sh1NnkJNyL/cqY1a+GzzL47t7   ~all"

If I understand section 3.2.3 of RFC2822, the unfolder leaves one SP in place of every FWS. That works for the first line, but not the second, which had to be split in the middle of a long word. I think I need to add a \ for this situation:

XYZ:"ip4: ip4:
  ip4: dk:o6lMIgulclWjZwP56LRqdg5ZX1\
  5bhc/GsvW8xW/R5Sh1NnkJNyL/cqY1a+GzzL47t7   ~all"

Have I understood the existing syntax correctly? Is there a better way to do this?


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