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Re: Folding White Space

2005-04-21 19:05:14

David MacQuigg wrote:

It looks like the RFC2822 header syntax is almost what I need

Don't forget to get rid of obs-FWS.  For RfC (2)822 questions a
better list might be <>.

Is it possible to split a line where a space is not allowed?

Depends on your syntax.  An FWS is always at least one WSP.  So
you can't have it where an SP is not allowed.  And an [FWS) is
nothing or an FWS, still probably not what you want, if an SP
has a meaning (e.g. WSP separated words).  If it has no meaning
(e.g. comma separated words) you could ignore all FWS.

See <> for LWSP
vs. FWS (warning, ABNF not checked by Bruce, don't believe it).

RfC 2017 3.1 has an example of inserting LWSP in an URL to fold
long URLs.  There it works because URLs cannot contain any WSP.

It's unrelated to SMTP, please propose another list, bye, Frank

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