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Re: Folding White Space

2005-04-21 21:11:05

David MacQuigg writes:
I'm working on a syntax for a DNS record to include a variety of constructs, and I want to avoid inventing new syntax. It looks like the RFC2822 header syntax is almost what I need - versatile, compact, and readable. I have one question about folding white space (FWS). Is it possible to split a line where a space is not allowed?

No. With one exception, and I'm dead certain you don't want to think about that one ;)

Have I understood the existing syntax correctly? Is there a better way to do this?

You've understood the syntax correctly.

For your information and possible inspiration: There is one case in which the mail standards state that white space is to be discarded on reading, namely base64 decoding. A base64 encoder is free to insert white space wherever it wants, and a decoder must discard it wherever it sees any. (RFC 2045, page 25.)


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