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2005-05-05 15:51:57
We'd like to solicit feedback from the SMTP community on 
our recent IETF draft titled "Receiver-Driven Extensions to SMTP".

The abstract of the draft is attached below.

As we are new to the IETF process, we welcome any suggestions 
pointing out potential improvements as well as deficiencies in the draft.

The following DiffMail project website and our related paper in SRUTI'05 
might also be of interest.

Zhenhai Duan, Kartik Gopalan, Yingfei Dong


The Differentiated Mail Transfer Protocol (DMTP) provides simple 
extensions to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) that 
enable receivers to exercise greater control over the email delivery 
process. The current SMTP-based email delivery architecture is 
fundamentally sender-driven and distinctly lacks receiver control over
the message delivery mechanism. This document describes DMTP 
that enables receivers to classify senders into three categories -- allowed, 

denied, and unclassified -- and process the delivery of messages 
from each category independently. As is the current practice, receivers 
may directly accept messages from senders in the allowed
category and decline senders in the denied category. In addition, 
DMTP receivers require senders in the unclassified category to 
store messages on the senders' own mail servers. Such messages 
are retrieved only if and when the end receivers wish to do so. 
By granting greater control over message delivery to receivers and
imposing greater message storage and maintenance overhead on 
senders, DMTP provides significant advantages in controlling spam. 
DMTP also easily operates in conjunction with (but does not require) 
many currently deployed anti-spam techniques.