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port 773 vs port 587

2005-05-06 11:16:02

I hope this isn't off topic here ...

Port 587 is "submission" (RFC 2476)
Port 773 is "submit"

I couldn't find real information to port 773 or "submit", but it seems to
be elder than submission, as I can find it already in RFC1700 (Assigned

I could also find

   From: Dave Crocker <dhc2(_at_)dcrocker(_dot_)net>
   Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 19:37:45 -0600
   Subject: Re: IAB policy on anti-spam mechanisms?

   [ ... ]
   Email standards provide for posting of email to the usual port 25 or to
   port 773 for the newer "submit" service. (Submit is a clone of SMTP that
   operates on a different port and is permitted to evolve independently of
   SMTP, in order to tailor posting by originators, differently from
   server-to-server email relaying.)
   [ ... ]

which sounds exactly like "Message Submission" to me.

As "Message Submission" is a RFC and 587 is referenced in the RFC what
is 773 good for? Is this simply outdated information? Should 773 be
"deallocated" to stop further confusion or is "submit" really existing
and different to submission?

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