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Declaration of Identity - Ready for Submission

2005-05-18 16:22:44

I've made some changes, hopefully addressing all the issues that were raised in the other threads, and I think this is ready to submit as draft-macquigg-authent-declare-00. I have posted at versions in txt, rtf, and htm formats. The rtf and htm formats show the changes with a yellow highlight. There is a brief summary of these changes right after the table of contents.

5/16 SMTP Service Extension - Added statement in section 4 and example in IANA Considerations section. 5/18 Clarifying the relationship between the declared ID and the IDs assumed by various methods - section 4. 5/18 Added example to clarify how a standard ID declaration avoids DNS "hunting" - New section 5.

Let's keep this thread short and on-topic. If you feel we didn't finish an earlier discussion, please append to that discussion, or email me.

I appreciate the help everyone has given me in giving this draft a thorough review.

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