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Re: Sender's Declaration of Identity

2005-05-20 12:43:32

think it is wise for people to set such limits to 1, but I've seen several
people do it.

It catches the problem where spammer abuse gateways/proxies and
the first command that comes in is something like POST followed
by a perfectly valid SMTP conversation. This happens (in out case happend ;)
frequently with open HTTP proxies.

Can you give me some example domains, so I can do an experiment? does it.
You better not send a XXXX or POST command as it will immediately cause
the sending IP to be blacklisted.

[ no, this is not an easy way for anyone to cause a server to be
  blacklisted, as I know of no way a message can influence the
  SMTP server to send commands like "POST" or "XXXX". And if the
  MTA can be tricked to send it, it is probably worth being listed. ;)
  If the IP the MTA runs on can be tricked to open a SMTP connection
  and send the commands I don't want to talk to it either.  ]


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