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Re: Options for the ID Command

2005-05-18 04:56:38

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Subject: Re: Options for the ID Command

Ever wonder why obvious spam mail has a *higher* rate of valid SPF records
non-spam? Because spammers are even more anxious to convince you that
for real than legitimate sites are

SPF comes out May 2004.  Inside 6 months, spammers are using it more than
non-spammers. Even the paranoid in me was surprised - I was expecting it
to be
at least a year.

{Scratching head at tick-infested rate}

What gets me is how is the almighty paranoid, skeptic can believe the words
of just one news rag?

The article was a prime example of what "Harry Frankfurt" writes about in
this top selling book.  Google "Harry Frankfurt" or just click here:


Absolutely amazing!

Your original premise is just.  Developers always need to assume the worst
case in design.  But the rest is just plain old... well, Harry explains it
pretty well.  <g>

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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