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Re: Options for the ID Command

2005-05-17 17:27:41
On Tue, 17 May 2005 16:42:27 PDT, David MacQuigg said:

    MAIL FROM:<bob(_at_)sales(_dot_)some-company(_dot_)com>

Checking the TXT record at gets a 

    svc=S1:A,M2:A,H1+:B  dmn=QR1,SPF1+5,DK2

The supported methods are QR1, SPF1, and DK2.  QR1 makes no demands on any 
other identities.  It just says "Any IP outside these blocks is not 
us."  SPF1 requires that either the MAIL FROM or the HELO identity match 
the declared Identity, and DK2 calls for a signature check using the public 
key provided in this record.

You're *still* missing the point.  All you've done is pushed it into a *huge* 
record.  Or multiple huge DNS entries, more likely.

Describe how to configure this to support the following:

1) 3 domains through, which could each be sourced from
either or and support 
SPF, doesnt..
In addition, test1 and test3 support your AUTH scheme, but doesnt.

2) In addition, is the only host for through, each
of which has a separate DomainKey.

How many _AUTH entries did you need here?

OK. That too simple?

Describe how to do it for Postini or Comcast.

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