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Re: proposed Received-SPF trace header

2005-05-23 08:37:58
On Mon, 23 May 2005 10:30:18 EDT, John Leslie said:

] 7.  The Received-SPF header field
]  It is RECOMMENDED that SMTP receivers record the result of SPF
]  processing in the message headers.  If an SMTP receiver chooses to do
]  so, it SHOULD use the "Received-SPF" header defined here for each
]  identity that was checked.  This information is intended for the
]  recipient.  (Information intended for the sender is described in
]  Section 6.2, Explanation.)

We may be able to dodge the bullet on this one, by suggesting that the results
of the SPF check be encoded in the Received: header in a manner analogous to
the current logging of STARTTLS. Given the issues listed in sections 9.3 through
9.5 of the draft, this *isn't* something that "most" hops will include - the 
I'm replying to has 8 Received: headers, of which only 2 could possibly have a
sensible result to an SPF check....

   We SHOULD discuss on this list whether such a header can be considered
a "trace field"; and I'd like to suggest that we do so in a context of
what "envelope information" means.

We should probably do this anyhow...

   Unfortunately, we currently have vagueness about envelope.
draft-crocker-email-arch discusses:

By fixing this document as required....

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