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Re: SPF I-D for review: draft-schlitt-spf-classic-01.txt

2005-05-24 13:38:48
On Tue, 24 May 2005 21:48:34 +0200, Frank Ellermann said:

As soon as you have both borders defined you can check:
"always coming from US" - "always going to MX".  So if
it came from Belize to Mexico it wasn't US.  Bye, Frank

Odd.  I just booked a plane ticket to a workshop - outbound
is ROA-ORD-SFO, return is SFO-CLT-ROA.  I'm just waiting
for the TSA goons to perform an SPF check on me at either OHare
or Charlotte. ;)

(And one participant in last year's workshop made the mistake
of flying Paris-Toronto-SFO and hit an unexpected visa issue...)

Now, as you were saying?

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