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Re: "Header Reordering", yet again

2005-05-31 06:10:07

At 15:51 29/05/2005, Frank Ellermann wrote:

> it is much too late to change the syntax of Received: fields.
> And even if it were applied to Received-SPF fields, it does
> nothing to keep the Received-SPF ordered relative to
> Received: fields.

Let's assume the header fields in fact are reordered, among
them some Received-SPF.

Now you might be able to sort the timestamp lines by their
timestamps, or more likely by "I know what happens behind
my MX".  Or you just use `nslookup -q=mx`.

If you specified that the timestamp on the Received-SPF field MUST be IDENTICAL to the timestamp on the Received: line added by the same server, that might solve some problems.

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