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request discussion of two documents on SMTP relaying

2005-06-15 13:56:02


Some of you may not be aware (especially if you're not subscribed to the IETF list) that there's a document in Last Call for BCP, draft-hutzler-spamops-04, that makes recommendations for submission of mail and relaying of mail between mail networks.

I don't believe that this document is written with either adequate precision or accuracy, and frankly I didn't see any easy way to fix it by making small changes to the text. So n an attempt to produce better language, I wrote my own draft of a document with similar scope, which can be accessed at

I also believe that this topic needs more discussion among SMTP implementors and users before any document can claim to have rough consensus.

I would therefore appreciate it if members of this list would read both documents and offer comments about either or both of them, particularly about areas where the two documents differ.

I'll also send a copy of my Last Call comments to this list, in a separate message.