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Re: request discussion of two documents on SMTP relaying

2005-06-16 05:56:16

I can see a set-up where MSA.Domain resolves via the local DNS when connected to DOMAIN's LAN Network (ie: When the user is getting connectivity from that ISP) while the Internet Facing DNS Servers supply a separate MSA Server Farm address. Which MSA Server Farm you connect to is dependent on what Connectivity you currently have and the selection is automatic without the user needing to alter the MUA Parms.

I can see it too, but it looks pretty ugly. Some applications break if DNS doesn't produce consistent results for any given query from one location to another. Multi-faced DNS does exist, but is not something we should encourage as part of a BCP.

(for instance, what's to stop a host from caching the result of a DNS query for long enough for that host to move to somewhere else on the net, as long as the TTL is respected? and remember, the host doesn't have to move at all in physical space in order to move from one location in the network to another - it can be as simple as the host seeing a free 802.11 WLAN and deciding to abandon its (more expensive) connection to the ISP via GPRS.)