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Re: request discussion of two documents on SMTP relaying

2005-06-16 05:23:14

Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:

At 23:57 -0400 on 06/15/2005, Keith Moore wrote about Re: request
discussion of two documents on SMTP relaying:

 having separate MSAs for roaming users vs. fixed users seems like poor
 design.  it's another set of MSAs to maintain, another set of
 instructions to provide, another configuration detail users have
 to get right, another source of calls to tech support. I don't know
 why we should encourage it.

I can see a set-up where MSA.Domain resolves via the local DNS when
connected to DOMAIN's LAN Network (ie: When the user is getting
connectivity from that ISP) while the Internet Facing DNS Servers supply
a separate MSA Server Farm address. Which MSA Server Farm you connect to
is dependent on what Connectivity you currently have

and caches, TTLs, and so on.