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Re: Bounce/System Notification Address Verification

2005-07-04 11:41:53

On Mon July 4 2005 14:07, Hector Santos wrote:

You believe you might have misunderstood the RFC 2505 recommendation as it
is consistent with the LMAP proposals,

LMAP is IRTF. darft form, not IETF.  R = research; not ready for
prime time.

such as the pending standards in the 

None are standards or pending standards, or Standards Track, or
anything similar.  At best, Experimental.

In other words, if the client IP is your address, then you have NO business
having my domain being used on your MAIL FROM, because I did not authorize
your IP address to use the return path with my email domain.

Really -- read 2505.  If you send to an external site which does
aliasing and sends back to some other local-part at the same domain,
guess what MAIL FROM will be; exactly as you set it.

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