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Re: Transparency

2005-09-11 23:36:36

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:
talks about 'X' in the same way as I remember.

A vintage 1995 modified by IBM for OS/2 on my box
has the critical X for all M... except from Mlocal and Mprog.

shall we conclude that it _is_ possible to get this wrong,

Users modifying manually are doomed, I don't see
how 2821bis could help them.  It's an SMTP standard, not a
sendmail manual, the latter used to be a book with more than
700 pages.

and that 2821bis can include an example or other gentle

If that's only about old sendmails, it just is _not_ gentle.

What do you have in mind, a note like "test this in a SMTP
session with another MTA" ?
                            Bye, Frank