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Re: Terminology: Administrative <?>

2005-11-14 12:01:22


The current draft refers to a collectively-managed set of email components
as distinct from some other, independent collectively-managed set of
components -- as an Administrative Unit (AU).  Examples might be a personal
MTA, as one AU, an email hosting service as another, an integrated service
(AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc) as another, and so on.

We need *some* term, so that such references as "boundary MTA" can be
meaningful -- what is it the boundary of?

I am still searching for a term that folks will be willing to use. The various ones I've suggested have not resonated with folks.

Last week, I was told to see whether an acronym might do better. Here is my first candidate, with an eager request for anything better that folks like:

     Common Operating Group (COG)

     A COG is a collection of Internet Mail components
     subject to a single set of administrative operations



Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking

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