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Re: Terminology: Administrative <Email-Admin>

2005-11-14 14:08:33

On Nov 14, 2005, at 12:26 PM, Tony Finch wrote:

On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Douglas Otis wrote:

You wish to avoid the term domain.  There are terms used like System
Administrator (Sys-Admin), or Network Administrator (Net-Admin), or Database
Administrator (DBA).  Email Administrator (Email-Admin),

Otherwise known as "postmaster".

Perhaps, but "postmaster" could also be limited to the disposition of complaints for a domain. For example, the email-admin is contacted by the various postmasters for the different domains when an email system change is needed.

The term AU would be confusing when it is not understood to mean Administrative-Unit. The same could be said of COG or EA. The concept of an Administrative-Unit is also a departure from similar references that consider administration to represent a function rather than an area. Terminology that extends email-admin to _area_ could reference that "under" an email-admin.

Administrative-Unit could be replaced by that "under" a common "email- admin". An Administrative-Unit border would be "under" a different "email-admin". The terminology that could replace Administrative- Unit would be "under" common/different "email-admin." This is not as concise, but could be understood without a dictionary of terms.


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