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RE: domain name definition in RFC2821

2006-04-23 07:14:12

Thank you all for very insightful discussion.

My conclusion for the initial question is that we need to fully support
single-component domain names and ABNF production in RFC2821 is an error.

That's the way I see it.

Supporting single-component domain names should not be a problem as long as it
is clear from the context that this is indeed FQDN and not an abbreviation.

Of course this is very implementation-specific. In our code, for example,
whether or not a single-component name is treated as a short forn name or 
as a TLD is configurable, if necessary on a per-domain basis.

For the trailing dot in a domain name, I understand that accepting it can be
desirable, although it is legal/fine to be stricter and reject such domain
names as invalid. Of course it must never be produced.