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Re: Degree of adoption for Enhanced Reply Codes?

2007-01-30 14:57:20

Tony Finch wrote:
On Mon, 29 Jan 2007, Dave Crocker wrote:
I'm interested in getting a basic sense of how useful email operators
are finding the Enhanced SMTP reply codes. This isn't for anything
formal, but the question came up in discussion and I realized that I had
no idea how widespread adoption or use was.

There was some discussion about this some months ago in the thread
starting with this post:

Probably the most prominent currently maintained MTA that doesn't support
them is Exim.


No sweat, even long time systems like Wildcat! SMTP doesn't "directly" support extended codes and no pressure to do so.

On a support basis, if we see them in a rejection report, we use it as a defense to pass the buck

     "Sorry, That isn't our server. WCSMTP doesn't support
      extended codes. You got some other server rejecting
      your mail. Did you turn off IIS?"