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2007-03-23 06:55:35

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

Hector Santos writes:
I'm not basing my product future directions designs on your guys anyway. You would like to, but geez, that isn't reality.

Just a question: How many per cent of the messages you send or receive use IETF message formats, and how many use other formats? Ditto IETF protocols vs. any other means to send/receive messages?

First, excuse the braziness. Its been a bad week. My apology to Tony.
Overall, the comment is a reflection that you can't hold your breath waiting for anything to get done. The process is too long and IMO, too locked into specific veteran people. Its all good, but it does seem a spike of new blood, "new reflections" is desperately required in my book.

Ok, specifically, the Wildcat! system, one of the original commercial online hosting technologies since the 80s, supports, lets see, including some old school but still used formats, atleast 3-4 different formats. We are not dependent on the Internet Mail components, it is not our main product line, but of course, a growing part of it. The internet (RFC x822) is just one that feeds into our gateway originally designed to support high-speed feeds. We still have customers using non-RFC store and forward methods, non-RFC Frontend Navigators, telnet/text mode, etc, etc. And Yes, even Fidonet is still supported. Internally our staff uses the Frontend for its IM and Meeting rooms. But me personally? I would say around 50-25-25 with RFC offline mail reader, the Frontend and online web. I switch around often.