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Submit and HELO (was: RFC2821bis-01 Issue 3: EHLO parameter)

2007-03-31 11:14:45

Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:
Raising an issue about EHLO/HELO verification and Port 587/SUBMIT, I
have the impression (possibly erroneous) that Port587 use requires a
SMTP AUTH handshake.

No, maybe you confused it with this MUSTard in 4409 (note "unless"):

| The MSA MUST by default issue an error response to the MAIL command
| if the session has not been authenticated using [SMTP-AUTH], unless
| it has already independently established authentication or
| authorization (such as being within a protected subnetwork).

NOTE: That comment may fork the discussion and trigger the need
for a new ISSUE Number. Editor/Monitor, please do a RE:/WAS to
issue one if appropriate.

One of the 4409 authors told me to post an I-D if I want to fix a
bug (missing Resent-* in 8.1) in preparation of a 4409-to-STD move,
see <> + 5098 + 5100.

It's no SMTP bug.  Of course we should check that 2821bis is still
compatible with 4409 (wrt issues like TLDs or incomplete domains).