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2007-04-12 10:33:02

Just to strike a different note in here: says

   Explained-literal  = address-literal [string]

Capitalization aside, shouldn't this be

   Explained-literal  = address-literal SP [string]


   Explained-literal  = address-literal 1*SP [string]

?  Because I think 

EHLO []"a horse with no name"

is messy.

This may have been discussed already, but I didn't find it if so.

(Not that I can find many implementations in the wild, other than those
that do no syntax checking at all, that support explained-literal, even
though it was described in the narrative in 2821.)

Unrelatedly, I have a handful of other nitpicky comments that seem
inappropriate for the "one message per issue" request.  Maybe somebody
would rather see and vet them off-list?


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