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rfc2181bis-01 Issue 20: General security considerations overhaul

2007-04-13 11:14:42


Another issue from digging through the document.... This is
prior to trying to trying to post -02, but I don't expect
responses to make it into -02 unless they are very quick, very
clear, and represent a clear consensus.

RFC 3552 contained a fairly extensive analysis of what it
thought the Security Considerations section of RFC 2821 ought to
look like.   Some of those changes have already been
incorporated in 2821bis, but a number of the suggestions are
controversial or possibly just plain wrong.  An extended
discussion of some of the issues appears in the long-expired
I-D, draft-klensin-rfc2821-security-00.txt, which is now
referenced in the 2821bis-01 text.

I can repost that I-D if needed, but that seems worthwhile only
if we are going to turn every point it raises into an issue and
discuss it.  Otherwise, I need to delete the discussion that now
appears at the beginning of the Security Considerations section
and the reference.



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