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Re: rfc2181bis-01 Issue 20: General security considerations overhaul

2007-04-13 13:52:55

John C Klensin wrote:


Let's do the security consideration when we know what we're
talking about, starting with a clean uncontroversial (some
kind of "rough consensus") ABNF published in at least one
I-D passing Bill's validator.

We also should have it clear what the outcome of the not yet
existing "implementation and interoperability report" means
for  2821bis.  It makes no sense to discuss the security of
say EXPN when it's anyway removed because nobody suports it.
Or those address literal explanations.

But posting -02 very soon now is fine.  I'm starting to get
confused what it will be.  The IPv6 stuff could be another
major obstacle, discussing security considerations is IMO


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