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recap of 2821bis-01 closed issues

2007-04-16 10:47:42

This is a recap of where we stand on issues that I consider to be closed
with respect to 2821bis-01. John is getting ready to submit -02 and
these will be included. I will send out separate messages on other
issues that are not yet closed.

Thank you everyone for your help.

        Tony Hansen

The following issues have reached concensus and can be considered closed:

0a)     rewrite section 7.1 to remove terms like "ignorant"
        consensus to do
0b)     clarify MAIL FROM validation and EHLO validity tests
        no consensus to change
4)      improve Sect 4.2.1 description of Reply Codes 4yz 5yz
        consensus to improve, changed to SHOULD and SHOULD NOT
6)      Precedence error -- ABNF technical problem w/ grouping
9)      Add requirements and limits table or equivalent, ala 1123 and lists clarified, converted to sections
11)     Change instances of "A RR" to language that is IPv6-inclusive
12)     IPv6 issues with MX records
        proposed wording received from ADs
13)     Syntax for parameters that contain email addresses.
        fixed to use xtext from RFC 3461 section 4
14)     Continuation lines for 220 Greeting?
        consensus to fix ABNF; no dissenting implementations found
15)     Syntax change for reply lines to allow for continuation?
        consensus of clear bug in ABNF
17)     What to do with multiple codes in continuations
        consensus to use single code
18)     What to do with 1yz codes
        consensus to only allow 1yz with extension

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